NFT Droper

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We work only with full transparent media and pass  data to our clients in real time on an impression level.

After years of experience, segmentation and targeting the right audience is done fast and efficient.

We have whitelists for most Geo’s worldwide, segmented by Verticals on Android and IOS .


We take fraud very seriously and invest enormous resources in development and implementation of fraud prevention tools.

Combining in house developed tools and 3rd party solutions guaranty a fraud free media portfolio.


In today’s ad-tech industry speed and reaction time is crucial in achieving the best ROI for our clients campaigns.

We optimize all our media on auto-pilot 24/7 with the help of proprietary AI tools.

Our technology uses big data to automate and optimize on scale to achieve the highest ROI for our clients.


In our R&D Team we have Master digital artists, Genius copywriters, and some of the best web developers and marketing experts in the Ad-tech industry.

Our Studio is in charge of all our tech solutions and algorithms, we build tech products that provide us and our clients an edge.